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Text description of Maritime Center.

Town, state officials celebrate opening of Maritime Center | Dartmouth
Dartmouth Maritime Center

Showers and Toilets

There are two public use toilets

There are two public use showers. A key for shower use can be obtained from the harbormaster or bridge tender.

Hours: Bathroom Hours?

In season, there are two public use toilets and showers available.

Public tie-up and Pumpout Station

Tie up allowed for free. Gangway and floats are accessible to the public from 6AM to 9PM. Gates will be locked and there will be no access from 9PM to 6AM – please plan your visit accordingly.

Dinghy Dock
Public tie up floats

Pumpouts are available from the end of the dock. The pumpout station is self-service, or you ca call the Harbomaster on VHF 09 to ask for assistance.

Pumpout Station